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Next Step




At Next Step, we serve young people living with chronic illnesses—cancer, HIV, sickle cell, and other rare genetic and chronic conditions—between the ages of 16-29. We believe that if you empower them with the right skills, tools, and knowledge they will begin asking "What's next?" instead of "Why me?" We help young people accomplish this shift in mindset through our change process—a 3-step cycle built upon the following pillars:


·      Engagement: Building Community + Changing Perspective

·      Education: Learning Skills + Growing Confidence

·      Empowerment: Building Resilience + Developing Leadership


All of our programs are free of charge to participants. A key part of our impact lies in the relationships we build among youth. The only person in the world who can understand what it's like to share your diagnosis with a friend for the first time or miss extensive days of school because of your diagnosis is another young person who's been there too. The power of that shared experience can be life changing.

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